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Elevate your musical journey with expert instructors, personalized lessons, and a curriculum designed to ignite your passion for jazz. At Seattle Jazz Academy we are dedicated to taking our students playing to an elite level through the study of jazz, improvisation and music theory. We believe the skills learned in jazz guitar study will give our students the ability to play with control, confidence and expression in any style they are interested in. Our team of coaches and teachers will help guide you each step of the way as we pursue excellence in our music and craft the musical life that you want.


Studying guitar at Seattle Jazz Academy happens in one of a three ways. Our most popular option is private one on one lessons with a teacher paired up with you specifically to help improve your playing and musical understanding. The second way people study is in small group classes. Group classes are a little more casual and are a good way to get started if you are new to playing jazz but have experience with the guitar. Finally our jazz guitarists can be found learning by playing and practicing in our ensemble classes, jam sessions, masterclasses and concerts.

Whether you are just learning to play the blues, or are a seasoned veteran wanting to push the boundaries of your skills and creativity, Seattle Jazz Academy may be the place you are looking for. 

Come meet us, and let's talk about where you want to go and how we can help you get there.


Dan Rainard

Guitar Instructor

Sam Jaeger headshot 1.jpeg

Sam Jaeger

Guitar Instructor


Demarcus Baysmore

Guitar Instructor


Andrew Friedrich

Guitar Instructor

"the guitar has a home in so many musical genres, you don’t have to pick just one, but learning jazz will give you a framework to understand most other genres in depth. " Dan R. 

Guitar Cont

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Seattle Jazz Academy

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