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Seattle jazz prep: Jazz education for musical kids

private instruction and classes for: piano, guitar, drums, bass, vocals and woodwinds


Seattle Jazz Prep is a vibrant and dynamic youth jazz music school located in the heart of Seattle, Washington. We are proud to be an affiliate of Seattle Jazz Academy, renowned for its commitment to excellence in jazz education. At Seattle Jazz Prep, we believe in nurturing young musicians, fostering their creativity, and empowering them to become the next generation of jazz artists.

Now auditioning for private lessons and classes for:
Guitar, Piano, Bass, woodwinds, Drums and Voice
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At Seattle Jazz Prep, our mission is to provide exceptional jazz education and training to aspiring young musicians in the Seattle area. We strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment where students can explore their musical talents, develop their skills, and cultivate a lifelong love for jazz.

Our dedicated faculty consists of highly accomplished jazz musicians, educators, and industry professionals who are passionate about jazz education. With their extensive experience and expertise, they guide our students through a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of jazz, including improvisation, composition, theory, ensemble playing, and more.

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Alex Baird - Piano and Voice

Alex graduated with honors from the University of Northern Colorado 2020 with a B.M. in Jazz Studies, with a certificate in Music Technology and a minor in French. She was a member of two Downbeat-winning vocal jazz groups, NoCoVo and Vocal Lab in the esteemed jazz program at UNCo, and has studied with musicians including Kerry Marsh, Julia Dollison, Lauren Kinhan, Sara Gazarek, and more. (Read more)

Richard Rodseth - Piano

Richard is delighted to devote his days to music education (his own and others') after a lengthy career in technology. In 2019 he completed a Professional Certificate in Music Theory and Composition through Berklee Online, with additional study in orchestration and counterpoint.(Read more) 

Monica Parshotam - Piano and Voice

Monica Parshotam is a performer, songwriter, vocalist, and pianist from Seattle, WA. She began studying music at age five with classical and contemporary piano before discovering passions for composition, songwriting, vocal performance. Monica graduated from Western Washington University with focuses in music, theater, audio technology, and education & social justice. She has coached at multiple youth arts programs such as Bellingham Girls Rock Camp, Bellingham Children’s Theater, and LaVenture Middle School’s Migrant Leaders Club, encouraging performance and music as tools for self-empowerment.  (read more)

Shai Permilovsky - Piano

Pianist/keyboard player Shai Permilovsky is an up-and-coming musician and music instructor in the Seattle scene. Born and raised in Kefar Saba, Israel, Shai has attended the city’s prestigious conservatory since the age of nine. He later made it into the Katzenelson Music Program in his high school years, where he proceeded to work with influential musicians and instructors Sasha Kantzberg and Ronit Katz. The program is known for producing some of Israel’s most successful musicians, including pianist/composer Idan Raichel. (read more)

Tony Lefaive - Bass and Guitar

In 2016 Tony graduated from Roosevelt High School and humbly received the Waldo King Inspirational Award as a result of his efforts to fill a job that no one else stepped up to do. He went on to study Jazz and Improvised music at the University of Washington with scholarships from the Brechemin Foundation and more. In 2020 he finished his undergraduate education and went on to complete his Masters in 2022 while also working as a Teacher Assistant. (Read more)

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