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Love to play drums? Study the drum kit, technique, styles and ensemble playing at Seattle Jazz Academy. Improve quickly with the help of our expert coaches and work on all styles of drumming from jazz, to funk, rock and even salsa and afro-cuban drumming. We have instructors teaching drum lessons for all levels of students, whether you are a novice working on playing in your first group or a seasoned veteran grinding your polyrhythms and odd time signatures. Private drum students at SJA also have the opportunity to join one of our coached ensembles and play at our private jam sessions. Take your skills on the drum set to the next level with private one on one drum lessons at Seattle Jazz Academy!


Get in touch using the form below to set up a time to chat with us about how we can help you!

Meet our Drum team

Max Holmberg.webp

Max Holmberg

Drum Instructor

Sutton Marley_edited.jpg

Sutton Marley 

Drum Instructor


Mario Layne Fabrizio

Drum Instructor

Looking for drum lessons near you? Our drum studio is conveniently located just off of i5 at the Lake City Way Exit at our Maple leaf location.

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Seattle Jazz Academy Greenwood

312 N 85th St.

Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: 3607107350


Seattle Jazz Academy

8051 Lake City Way NE

Seattle, WA 98115

Phone: 3607107350


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