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Ensembles at Seattle Jazz Academy

Have you been practicing your ears off and are looking for the next step in your musical evolution? Did you play in a band in college and are looking to get back into making music with others? A great way to learn and take your playing to the next level is to sign up to be in one of Seattle Jazz Academy's ensemble courses. Taking an ensemble class is the most fun way to learn the fundamentals of playing in a small ensemble, but you have to have the basics of your instrument down to enroll!

The ensemble courses at Seattle Jazz Academy consist of an Introduction to Jazz Combo curriculum as well as à la carte combo selections. The Introduction to Jazz Combo classes are a set of guided twelve week courses that teach all the skills necessary for playing in a jazz combo. In the SJA combo courses we do not instruct instrument specifics, so students interested will need to pass a basic skills test / audition on their instrument to apply. The à la carte combos, such as the blues band or bebop combo are theme specific and require an audition to enroll.

if you are interested and want to receive more information contact us today!
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