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  • What instruments can I study at Seattle Jazz Academy?
    Currently we offer classes and instruction in Jazz Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals and Woodwinds.
  • What if I have studied my instrument some, but never played jazz before?
    Then you are in the right place. Although some of our students are experienced jazz practitioners already, many more come to us with experience in other genres, looking to add jazz to their piano, bass or guitar repertoire.
  • How much do I need to practice to study at Seattle Jazz Academy?
    To maintain progress we recommend a minimum of four forty-five minute practice sessions per week.
  • Do you instruct students of all ages?
    Seattle Jazz Academy is mainly a jazz school for teenaged and adult students. That being said, we do offer a few special lesson slots for younger musicians who are serious about learning to play jazz piano.
  • Is Seattle Jazz Academy a welcoming space for people of all ages, races, genders and other identities?
    Our goal at Seattle Jazz Academy is to cultivate an environment in which musicians of any background can bring their full range of identities and unique lived experiences to the world of musical self-expression. Our facilities are accessible, and we are committed to maintaining a space where students feel safe, supported, and inspired to grow musically.
  • Do you offer every other week lessons?
    No. Private lessons are reserved weekly for the student - this helps our students maintain progress in their study and it helps keep our instructors focused on a smaller pool of students.
  • Do you teach absolute beginners who have never played piano before?
    Historically our main focus has been on adults with some previous piano experience, although occasionally some of our instructors have availability for beginner students. We encourage all interested students to schedule an interview/audition so that we may help point them in the best direction for their ability level.
  • Where is Seattle Jazz Academy?
    We are located in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle at: 8051 Lake City Way NE, Seattle WA 98115
  • Does Seattle Jazz Academy provide instruction to expert or professional players?
    Yes. Our students include professionals earning a living with their music, and our instructors have local, national and international experience doing just that.
  • Do you offer private lessons, classes, or both?
    Typically students with little to no prior jazz experience are encouraged to study in our small group classes. Private lessons are available to intermediate level and higher players. This is not a hard rule but in our experience tends to be the standard approach. Get in touch with us for more information!
  • Do you teach in person, virtually, or both?
    Both! In-person lessons take place at Seattle Jazz Academy’s studio location in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle. We also offer virtual private lessons, which take place via Zoom. Group classes are currently held in-person only to support efficiency and strengthen community building throughout each course.
  • Does Seattle Jazz Academy offer programming outside of private instruction and group classes, like recitals and other events?
    At Seattle Jazz Academy we like to provide students the opportunity to share what they have learned and experience the work of other musicians, both in and outside of our school. We may invite students to perform at recitals and attend local jazz concerts. We are continuously seeking new, fun ways for students to experience music and build relationships within Seattle Jazz Academy!
  • I am interested! What should I do?
    Click here to contact us!
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