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read some testimonials from Seattle Jazz Academy students…

“Mack has so much to offer in teaching piano. Aside from being an awesome jazz pianist, he is patient, very thorough in teaching, and so down to earth. He is a well established jazz pianist in his young age: he knows just about everything in theory, and when he plays, he just lets his creativity take charge. I have been learning standards such as “Autumn Leaves” and “Night and Day” under his instructions. Playing jazz piano has been my life time dream, and my dream is slowly becoming reality with his help.”
Naomi S.

“Mack has been by far my favorite and most effective piano teacher!
I’m a humble intermediate, and so Mack has been able to easily answer any question I ask or to demonstrate any technique I’m curious about. Examples of this might be my asking what’s going on in a particular measure where a chord is implicitly there but with very few notes to give it away or what improvisation would sound like using various scales or techniques. Additionally, Mack has a great personal touch in commending my incremental progress while also pushing me forward just the right amount.”
Yotam A.

“I just marvel at this young man’s chops, and great knowledge of the whole range of musical genre’s, weather you’re talking Fats Waller, or Dirty Loops. His dexterity will amaze, his lyricism will enchant.”
John L.

“At age 67, I felt I needed to hone my keyboard skills with someone who could teach me blues and/or jazz basics. My background was classical piano, taking lessons in the 1950’s and 60’s. I had ‘graduated’ from the workforce, always had a piano in my home and found Mack Grout, who was gracious enough to take on someone 40 years older than he was. He was patient, allowed me to tape our sessions, held me accountable and was a real inspiration to me. I learned a lot from Mack; he built up my confidence and made my life a lot richer with my improved knowledge and abilities. ”
Stan M.

“Mack is simply the best piano teacher i’ve ever had. He always knows how to make everything as fun as possible, while also getting much accomplished. When I first started taking piano lessons I wanted nothing to do with it, but since Mack started teaching me, learning piano is a blast! You should seriously think about having him as a teacher. Take it from one of his students, Mack Grout is an unbelievably fun teacher!”
Tommy B.

“Mack has a love and specialty in jazz. He is an amazing jazz musician as well as a fantastic teacher. Mack is very patient and understanding and works well with all students from beginner to advanced jazz, young and old.”
Steve B.